Below are links to a number of sites which have some connection to Ebbesbourne Folk

www.thehorseshoe-inn.co.uk for food and drink in Ebbesbourne Wake

 www.newforerstfolkfestival.co.uk located at Plaitford on the edge of the New Forest. This is a great festival and always hosts an incredible line-up, well worth  investigating.

www.sombornesessions.co.uk   Live music in Kings Somborne

 www.wessex-acoustic.co.uk   More local quality music - gigs generally but not excusively in Blandford

 www.hambledonhopstepband.co.uk     The Celeidh band Paul plays in


www.keystonebrewery.co.uk   Who supply us with our beer - very important!


www.john.palmer.dsl.pipex.com  John has photographed at many of our gigs

www.broadchalke.info/   Great for local information



























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